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December 19, 2003 a division of Gaston & Associates, Inc. 
Technology Insurance
Experts in D&O and E&O professional liability insurance
  What’s special about InsureCast?
  • You work directly with principals and receive personal attention
  • Well-established company, in business since 1895, not a fly-by-night company
  • Experience in handling the special needs of technology companies (network security, hacker protection, viruses)
  • InsureCast represents virtually every A-Rated carrier with specialty products for technology businesses so we can market your account aggressively and secure the best pricing available
  Who is InsureCast?

InsureCast is a division of Gaston & Associates, Inc., a NY based insurance agency tracing its roots through 4 generations of family, and incorporated in 1895.

Our customers range from start-ups to public companies. We serve about three thousand clients nationally. InsureCast's marketing territory is national in scope, and we hold property-casualty and life-health licenses in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. We are dedicated to giving excellent service to all our clients and continue our 107 years of providing business and professional liability insurance. More...

Multiple Places, Multiple Policies

Can one policy cover your multiple business locations adequately? Having one policy cover all might seem to be the simplest answer, but it might not be the best. Full story on...

Insurance Is Our Native Language

Additions and alterations. Improvements and betterments. Separation of insureds. Impaired property. Does it sometimes seem as if your insurance policies are written in an unknown tongue? Full story on...

No Policy Covers Everything

Contrary to popular opinion, exclusions aren't created just to avoid paying claims. In fact, of the three major purposes for exclusions, only one refers to “uninsurable” situations. Full story on...

Reality of Lawsuits
Although lawsuits were once a measure of last resort, they're now used routinely to settle disputes. And not only are suits more frequent, they're also more expensive. Full story on...
New Public Company Rules Hit Private Firms
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, created in the wake of Enron and other corporate scandals, can also affect private companies that might become publicly owned, according to securities attorneys. Full story on...
But I Want to Fight, Not Settle Out of Court!
Many professional liability policies contain “consent to settle” clauses, which usually provide that your insurance carrier can't settle a liability claim against you without your consent. But that doesn't mean they won't suggest strongly that you follow their lead in determining the best possible outcome for the claim. And sometimes your insurer will believe the best outcome is to offer to settle the claim before going to court. But suppose you don't want to consent to such a settlement? Full story on...
Professional Liability Insurance for IT Temporary Staffing Firms
InsureCast is a leading provider of insurance products and services for the temporary staffing, direct hire and executive search industries nationwide. Not many brokers understand the issues and challenges of professional liability insurance for temporary staffing agencies. Full story on...
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