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Technology Insurance
  Defending software that performed as promised.
A software company was sued by a customer after he used the company´s cost estimating software. The software itself was found to have functioned perfectly. The customer eventually dropped the case, but only after considerable legal expenses were incurred by the software company.
Indemnity Paid: $0
Defense Cost Paid: $175,000

Multiple Places, Multiple Policies

Can one policy cover your multiple business locations adequately?

Having one policy cover all might seem to be the simplest answer, but it might not be the best. The issue of whether it's better to cover all of your business locations under a single policy or to purchase separate coverage for each location can involve such factors as the type of coverage, the type of business activity conducted at each location, and the applicability of local laws or insurance regulations.

For example, some states require a separate workers compensation policy specific to locations or operations in that state. Depending on the type of building and occupancy, you might be better off utilizing multiple policies for your property coverages, each with unique coverage provisions and applicable deductibles. Due to contracts with clients, landlords, or lienholders, your liability coverages might require varying limits applicable to each location or client project. Even when you don't need differentiated coverages, there might be rating or underwriting advantages to separate policies.

There's one easy way to cut through all this potential complexity — deal with just one agency for all your insurance needs. We can help you sort through the various issues and arrive at the best approach for your unique exposures. We then can arrange to get the necessary coverages issued, whether simple or complex.

So whether you need one policy or many, you need only make one call — to us. Make it today.

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