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Technology Insurance
Loss Scenarios for IT Firms
  Software fails to maintain employee hours.
A company provides timekeeping hardware and software to its customer. The software doesn´t function correctly; it fails to maintain employee hours worked and to correctly apply the hourly and overtime rate of pay. The failure results in over/underpaying employees. The customer sues the provider of the hardware and software.
Indemnity Paid: $440,000

What’s special about InsureCast?

  • You work directly with principals and receive personal attention
  • Well-established company, in business since 1895, not a fly-by-night company
  • Experience in handling the special needs of technology companies (network security, hacker protection, viruses)
  • InsureCast represents virtually every A-Rated carrier with specialty products for technology businesses so we can market your account aggressively and secure the best pricing available

Who is InsureCast?

InsureCast is a division of QAS, Inc., a NY based insurance agency tracing its roots through 4 generations of family, and incorporated in 1895.

Our customers range from start-ups to public companies. We serve about four thousand clients nationally and throughout the world. InsureCast's marketing territory is national in scope, and we hold property-casualty and life-health licenses in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. We are dedicated to giving excellent service to all our clients and continue our 117 years of providing business and professional liability insurance. More...


Mission Statement

The mission of Gaston & Associates is to provide professional insurance services to the clients we represent.

We strive to develop a customer base that will appreciate our service orientation and value added approach.
We provide our clients with competitive, high quality insurance oriented products.
We endeavor to maintain long-term customer relationships that are based on coverage and service.
We embrace automation as a means to enhance service and improve communication.

To accomplish these goals, we establish departments, standards, workflows and procedures that enable us to consistently provide a high level of service to our customers. We staff each department with competent, ethical individuals who are dedicated to continuing education and professional development.

Agency relationships are developed only with the strongest insurance carriers and reliable intermediaries who share our high standards and value added approach. We consider these relationships to be partnerships. We represent only Best's A-rated carriers, such as Chubb, Hartford, AIG, Crum & Forster, Great American, Travelers, and many Lloyds of London syndicates, to name a few.

QAS, Inc. takes great pride in caring for our clients.

Professional Liability Insurance for Tech, Software, Internet, IT and Biotech Firms
InsureCast, a division of QAS, Inc., is offering specialized insurance to technology, biotech, software and Internet companies.

The explosive growth of the Internet and other new technologies over the past several years has revolutionized nearly every industry. Ultimately commercial insurance business has proven to be no exception. However, to this point the insurance industry has been slow to adapt, leaving many carriers and agents unprepared to respond to new developments.

Created to fill the gap and address the unique coverage needs related to ecommerce and technology development, InsureCast is a specialty technology risk management practice focused exclusively on this rapidly changing risk and coverage environment. Through our concentration on technology, InsureCast has forged distinctive relationships with insurance companies offering specialized programs that offer broader tech-oriented coverage and superior pricing to technology companies.

Find out how the application process works for professional liability insurance

InsureCast, a division of QAS, Inc., takes pride in excellent customer service. To find out how the entire process works from filling out the questionnaire online to receive a colorful detailed proposal from us, click here download the Gaston Unique Process PDF document.
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